Today’s Treasures for your personal enjoyment.

- Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeew. Testing Chuck E. Cheese Restaurants For Bacteria Will Probably Give You Nightmares.

- This is actually perfectly legal. Woah.

- India to Use Truth Serum on Terrorist. Wait a minute - that seriously exists??

- Cool cool cool cool. New flying reptile species found.

- Uhh…hm. A RANGE of Lego-style fighting figures — including an al-Qaeda terrorist — has been slammed by religious leaders.

- Another win for the pirates!. Oh, is that bad?

- An update on the new Tarzan movie
According to an interview, the film will be a “1930’s-set romp with a hefty helping of romance” meets parkour. Yuck - I’m afraid. Tarzan is like my favorite thing in the world. The interview leaves me unsettled.

- Please USA, let him come back. Polanski Sues to Overturn Child Sex Conviction.

- Kristin Thompson went to Petra (in southern Jordan) where Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was filmed.

The weekend before Thanksgiving break is almost frighteningly quiet here in Athens. Normally I would love this, but since I’m earning money based on tips it kind of kills the mood. I have two shifts at the bar and at least one uHAPS event to get through, after which I will head back home for a few days to take in some much needed relaxation and to say bye bye to my puppy (she’s old, it’s sad). Ok my life is boring, treasure time.

I want to take a moment to tell you all that it brings joy to my heart to see non-fictional pirates back in the news. I don’t care if they have bad intentions, it’s still romantic. I mean, do you really want to say you live in a world without pirates? Not me.
Here’s the latest Pirate News.

"Scientists discover long-lost Furby look-alike". Woah. I hope they actually name it Furby. “Pygmy tarsier” is way lame.

A first look at Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter.
Not what I was expecting, and why is the rabbit brown? Just a random one, maybe.

Around Athens
Terrapin now offers you a free drinking glass on your birthday! Whether or not that includes free beer tasting remains unclear.

Pushing Daisies has been cancelled :( . I never watched the show much, but it was pretty adorable. Sorry, L. Also thank goodness they finally got rid of Eli Stone, I can’t wait until all shows that first aired during the writer’s strike finally get cut. And I’ve never even heard of Dirty Sexy.

Drinking has never been so easy. And just in time for Christmas.

I wish everyone safe travels this week, wherever you are heading. As for me, I’m heading downtown to get paid to take pictures of the drunks. Not in the mood. Love.

I hope everyone and a safe and fabulous Halloween! visit to see what I was up to. (and make lots of comments while you’re at it)

I’m currently nursing my headache with some mac n’ cheese and getting ready to drink beer all day and watch the game in a perfectly blissful state. Let’s just hope the game itself is conducive to such peacefulness. Yikes.

I’m not quite ready for Halloween to be over, so here’s some really creepy news from the consumerist for you to check out:
Unacceptable Food: Man Finds Mouse Baked Into His Hot Dog Buns

You guys, this is the worst! I’m sure you’ve all seen the commercial for the new Trojan fingertip “massager”, yeah, well, apparently I can’t buy one! Thanks a lot Georgia.
Sex Toy Laws: Why Are Some States Keeping Real Americans Away From Sex Toys?

Here’s some pitchfork:

There’s one hour left before the game starts, so I’m going to try and cast some protection charms and send good karma waves to my dawgs down in Jacksonville (still in Halloween mode).

Ahh…Halloween is deliciously close, I can practically smell the chippie cupcakes with black and orange bat-shaped sprinkles that I’m going to make. But wait - there’s another strange aroma entering my kitchen, what could it be?…..oh….it’s just the satisfying scent of roasting gator meat. Mmm.

I mailed in my absentee ballot today, eee. I hope they send me a sticker, I mean, hello, isn’t that the whole point??

Treasures! (It’s been a while, and I don’t even have that many, sigh)

XOXO, my new favorite Gossip Girl literature,, is dedicated to all you boys out there who have the good common sense to appreciate the show. Thanks for the tip, M.

Why has it taken 50 Cent so long to get his own TV show?? I can’t wait to watch.

The Big Money has created a series of posts called Depression DiaryThis online transcription of Benjamin Roth’s diary (beginning in 1931) highlights perceptions and experiences during the Great Depression. Kind of neat.

Cute Things:

Ok, ps - I know you all need more facebook friends, so please add ‘uHAPS Athens’ to your friends…it will make me look like I can do my job. Seriously, they will not send you messages or anything annoying. If they do you cande-friend them, and I will post a picture apology of myself on And if you’re really bored and a really great friend, you will also go to and comment on the photos or nominate them for “best…” photo. I would also encourage you to enter the raffle to win 2nd row tickets to see UGA @ Kentucky, but apparently there is some weird clause about “robots”…(sorry for the lame plug)

Good evening readers. I hope you all had a much better Wednesday morning than I did. Upon my arrival at work, I discovered that our hot water (including everything hooked up to it) broke the night before, so I spent a good few hours washing a massive pile of sticky, jäger-scented dishes in cold dirty water. I’m consoling myself with a nice cold Sol and a new episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8.

I am thinking about hosting an online Halloween contest for both best costume and best decorations. I haven’t decided what the prize will be yet. It will probably depend upon the location of the winner. Please comment if you are interested!

So I feel like this is old news by now, but some shark got preggers on her very own. Now, there is no actual evidence that she was a “virgin,” but her baby has no paternal DNA.
Apparently someone thought it would be cool to make Paris ugly, so they are building these.

Yet another horror movie trailer, The Unborn.

Around Athens
More Halloween entertainment!


Reblogged from ohmygodwhatever:

Monkeys work as waiters in Japan restaurant

Another Horror Film:

Nazi Zombies?

And some spooky Norman McLaren fabulousness:


Ok I am kind of newly obsessed with Secret Lives of Women on WeTV, Tuesdays at 10pm EST. The best episode I have seen thus far is on polygamy, but that might just be due to my Big Love binge I went on last summer.

And I am also into Locked Up Abroad on National Geographic, Mondays at 9:00pm EST. It’s like Broke Down Palace in documentary form.

New Restaurants in Athens:

- Cozy Yum Yum

179 Jackson St.

Located in the ex-Flying Squirrel Outfitters underground space, Cozy Yum Yum serves a wide range of Thai dishes and offers a full bar. They have not been open for very long, and are still working out the kinks. Eventually they plan to offer sushi and drink specials. Possibly the best aspect of this restaurant, aside from its very “cozy” New York style environment, is the fact that they are open until 2:00am. Late night coconutchicken soup…mmm…

Environment =☻☻☻☻

Service = ☻☻☻☻

Food = ☻☻ ½ (try back in a month or so)

- Pauley’s

134 E. Clayton

Finally, someone realized my dream of opening a crêpe place in Athens. I realized I am glad I didn’t open one myself, I think I would go completely insane hearing the word “cr-ape” all day. What is so hard about “cr-hep,” honestly…Anyways, this bar has a selection of 110 different beers, 28 of which are on tap. They specialize in tasty beers from micro breweries nation-wide. They will start offering sandwiches and salads next week, and eventually plan to offer biscuits along similar lines of the tasty Flying Biscuit recipe. The kitchen closes at 10:00pm, but the bar stays open until 2:00am. It is a great place for watching games on their HD flat screens, or for Sunday brunch. And I’m just saying, if you aren’t doing anything tomorrow from 11:00am - 10:00pm, you should probably stop by. Closed Mondays.

Environment =☻☻☻☻☻

Service = ☻☻☻☻

Food = ☻☻☻☻

My next stop: Tu Metapan, Baxter

Most Underappreciated: Just Pho, Baxter where Tuscan Market used to be - Pho + Bubble Tea = heaven

Coming Soon:

The Bank (where Chapel was on College), Lansdowne Road Irish Pub (corner of College and Washington, owned by UGA Rugby alumni), Moae (Broad, where Tavern used to be), and Square One (Thomas between Hancock and Dougherty, owned by two New York Sicilian party boys) Reader reviews welcome!♥

Bulldog Report:

I decided to put this at the end because I know most of you don’t care :D

Happy to see we are back in the top ten where we belong. USC’s ranking still kind of boggles my mind. Oh well. Injuries are the second largest concern of mine, after penalties, of course.



- Ellerbe: might play Saturday, but still wearing green; won’t play on special teams for punts and kickoffs

- Dowtin: freshman backup, also green

- Hebron: green jersey

- Washington: out for season - shoulder

- White: out for season - knee

Gamble and Curran will start

Quintin Banks (Safety) will hopefully play Saturday - he has missed all games so far with a sprained knee. Rod Battle’s return this week is still up in the air, but he was also wearing a green jersey. Sophomore flanker Tony Wilson’s left ankle was heavily wrapped, and he was on crutches Monday - he is contemplating season-ending surgery.

No recent update on Figgins or Moreno. Last I heard, Moreno was determined to play. Figgins is debating whether or not to play this weekend before his surgery, but he is leaning towards playing.

Players to watch:

WR Michael Moore #82

Prince Miller #23

Ok last but not least, my baby Kelin Johnson (we lived across from him and Thomas Brown and used to bake them cakes before game days) has his own online webcast called “Kelin’s Keys to the Game.” The video can be sort of tricky, but be patient and it should start working : Kelin’s Keys

Old News:

- Durham sprained his ankle and is out “indefinitely”

- …as is Tavarres King’s, as far as I can tell

- Southerland still slated to return as fullback on the 11th

- Word on the street is that one of the tight ends is also out for the season (Chandler, perhaps?)

Cars powered by air:
Cool. Très cool.
Sorry, he’s a little hard to understand.
Trois Couleurs article
CNN video in English.

Drunk History:
Michael Cera as….Alexander Hamilton?
Or Jack Black and Clarke Duke as Ben and William Franklin, if you prefer.. is kind of the online broascast version of vice magazine, whose creative director is Spike Jonze. I was going to work for them in New York, alas…they weren’t going to pay me.

Around Athens:

Night of Screams - Athens' Scariest Haunted House!

Also, on Sunday Oct. 5th, Kingpin’s Bowl & Brew hosts “Night of the Living Lebowski”
Movie screening and trivia, costume contest, white russian and sarsaparilla specials and the entire soundtrack to The Big Lebowski performed by The Little Lebowski Urban Achievers.

The silent Chinese film, RED HEROINE (1929, Wen Yimin) will be shown Monday night (Oct. 6th) at CINE, 7PM & 9:30 PM. The live accompaniment is by Devil Music Ensemble; $10 for students.

And every Friday morning on a home game week, the Melting Point hosts “Breakfast with the Dawgs.” Join us for an intimate breakfast with a member of the UGA Football teams’ coaching staff, former players or current administrators as they discuss the Georgia Bulldogs. Presented by SunTrust and special guests The UGA Alumni Association. Seating is limited to only 200 for this event and is first come first serve so get there early! This week’s (the week of the Tennessee game) speaker is former UGA standout kicker Kevin Butler. $12. 7:30am.

Weird News:
"Boy fed zoo reptiles to crocodile"

Another Horror Film:
The Uninvited, it’s based on a Korean film.

Watch this but only if you really have nothing else to do. Unicorn vs. Narwhal


What kind of world are we living in when Tyra Banks and Bindi Irwin can win an Emmy in the same year?


Clay Aiken is finally gay! I mean, officially. I have a strange place in my heart for him.

My beloved Girls Next Door are being secretive about their relationship with Hef. Are they really in transition?


New Google Phone

New Stanford Course


Ok, this isn’t so much a “treasure,” but I thought it was interesting. It’s depressing, but the headline was too intriguing: NYPD investigates two officers in Taser death of naked Brooklyn man


The Wonderful World of Blythe:

I’m going out of town tonight, so it’s a shorter post. Expect an amazing update tomorrow on the No.2 Georgia at South Carolina game, 3:30pm on CBS.
I am officially intrigued:

Also, Park Chan Wook has a new film coming out about vampires. It’s called Thirst. Hopefully I will be in Korea when it premiers, I’ll be sure to post lots of documentation.

Food & Beverage

Highlight: Nigori Unfiltered Sake
Profile from Takara -

Sho Chiku Bai Nigori Silky Mild:

Nigori is the way sake first appeared when it was brewed for the Imperial Court in Kyoto as well as for most of its 2,000 year history. It is coarsely-filtered and the sweetest of all our types of sake. It is especially delicious with very spicy foods. The bottle should be shaken each time before pouring due to the high rice content that settles in the bottom of the bottle.

Type: Junmai Nigori/ Unfiltered
Bold and sweet. Rich and robust flavor with distinctive rice savor.
Dry/Sweet: -20 (very sweet)
Texture: Soft
Aroma: Mild
Serving: Chilled
Pairing food: Rich and well seasoned dishes. Great as a dessert.
Alcohol: 15%
Size: 1.5L, 750ML, 375ML

The greatest part about Nigori is that they bottle it in America, as well as Japan. Thus, I can find a 375mL bottle of it for a mere $4.99.

I’ve been watching a lot of things On Demand lately. So far I have enjoyed Secret Lives of Women on WeTV. The polygamy episode was really interesting, especially because I’ve also been watching a lot of Big Love lately. One of the women in the interviews wrote a book (Escape), which I saw on sale at Kroger yesterday. Weird.
I also watched How to Look Good Naked on Lifetime. I’m really torn about this show. It’s hosted by Carson Kressley (Queer Eye), whom I love, and it focuses on getting women to be secure with their bodies, with the climax of the episode being a nude photoshoot. It’s apparently based on the original British series of the same name. There are also Belgian and Swedish versions. I love that finally there is a “make-over” show that focuses on loving your body, but they offer little to no actual solution for these women’s emotional issues. Just one therapy session might be helpful, as opposed to standing in front of a mirror in your underwear while Carson yells at you about how good you look.

I want to talk about TMNT. I wrote a pretty decent research paper about the first three films (it did not reference the more recent animated series), and ever since I’ve has some special emotional attachment to these heroes in a half-shell (My favorite is Raphael, for the record). As if Ghostbusters 3 weren’t enough, (or the TMNT CGI animated film, for that matter) now they want to mess with the Turtles legacy. Co-creator Peter Laird recently had an interview with MTV to clear up the details; The Good = Steve Barron, the director of the original live action film, may end up directing this as well. There is also a chance that Sarah Michelle Gellar would be cast as April O’Neil; The Bad = Laird says that he would like to create new characters for the film; The Ugly = CGI turtles - Is this really the death of the turtle suits? I think it’s really sad that CGI has replaced so much of the Jim Henson style robots and puppets. Alex Billington at agrees with me.

Food & Beverage:
For those of you who will be tailgating (or just drinking) this weekend, I wanted to offer a much more simple morning after drink: the Mango Mimosa. Just a splash of Looza Mango Nectar will make any champagne taste delicious. And make your head feel better, too.

So, ever since I started this blog and began revivng my HTML skills, I have come across a lot of interesting add-ons and internet applications. Right now I’m into Google Analytics. It’s super interesting and also super advanced for my purposes, but it’s still fun. If you have access to the HTML code of a website, I highly recommend trying it out.
Next on my list is Dropbox….I have yet to try this out, but it seems very practical. It’s kind of like a pimped out version of Google Docs. I’m excited to see how I like it.